If you’re planning for a vacation anytime soon, or better yet, you’re a few days away from your vacation, you’ll probably want to travel with your vape products. The good news is, now that e-cigarettes can be found almost anywhere in the world, you’re less likely to encounter odd questions about why you’re carrying so many batteries and e-liquids with you.


You’ve booked your next vacation and can’t wait to get started on the long walks on sandy beaches, cool dips into a crystal-clear sea and warm evenings sipping cool drinks on busy terraces. The only thing that still needs to be done is the packing of the suitcase.


Before you pack all of your vape equipment into your suitcase, here are 4 simple tips that you need to know that will keep you safe and minimize airport delays.


  1. Research Your Destination
  • Wherever you are traveling to, do a bit of research and make sure vaping isn’t kind of banned in any way, shape, or form. You’d want to avoid your worst nightmare where you show up to your destination and the airport confiscated all of your vape equipment. Make sure vaping is legal wherever you are going.


  1. Pack Right, Not Light
  • Make sure to pack all your essentials right. For most aircraft carriers, the most that you can bring in terms of liquid is about 100ml. Depending how long you’re going to be travelling for, it might be smart to stock up on some coils, because with coils, you’re never certain how long they are going to last, as certain coils are better than others. When packing your bags, be sure that all your items are on your carry-on.


  1. Empty Tanks Before Flight
  • Do not make the mistake of boarding your flight without emptying your tanks. The least thing you’d want when you’re on the flight is finding your carry-on bags to be soaked with e-liquid juice that flowed out of your tanks. The reason why this happens is because the air pressure in a cabin is essentially going to pull all the e-liquid out of your tank.


  1. Battery Cases
  • If your device has removable batteries, you want to be sure that you put them in a batter case as some flight do require you to this for safety reasons. You can pick up battery cases from any vape store or online. If your device has an internal battery, it’s a little bit easier. All you have to do is just turn off your device and you’re good to go.


Now that you know exactly how to pack your gear, enjoy your trip and safe travels from Medusa Juice! We’ll be waiting for you to come back.


Happy Vacay!

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