Medusa’s Ultimate Vaping Guide For Vape Coils & Vape Wires #1

The right build for your vape can make a huge difference in your vaping experience. A well made build for your mods can take you from taking a dry hit and less-flavourable puff to feeling euphoria with every inhale and even prepared to take on the biggest puff for cloud chasing!


The good news is, there are builds made for every kind of vapers. There are new kind of builds being developed, tweaked and shared all the time, especially on online platform. There’s bound to be a build out there that fits your unique personality and vaping style. But wading through the thousands of articles online about different builds can be a massive time commitment – time you could be using to actually get something more useful done.


This is why we decided to do the legwork for you! We’ve gathered all the information you need about vape coils and vape wires, for starter. This post will give you a brief overview of the most popular and useful vape wires and coils, how each works, and what kind of vapers will find each useful. It’s designed to help you get set up with your ideal build as quickly as possible so you can start reaping the build benefits right away!



Kanthal wire is very popular for a reason and it has been for nearly a decade. Not only that it’s easy to work with, but it has good resistance to oxidation, it’s cheap and easy to find, and it’s not as springy as other vape wires which makes it easy to hold its shape. Kanthal is usually used for single coil builds, which is not profligate, but it gets the job done when you’re not in the mood for something fancy and time consuming to build. The fact that it holds the shape well every time you rewicked it, means that you can use the coil for a really long time!



  • Relatively cheap
  • Holds shape well even when rewicking
  • Easy to build
  • Easy to find in vape shops and online store



  • Works only in wattage mode
  • The flavor might not taste as great
  • Ramp-up time is not as fast as other wires
  • Can’t be used with temperature control


There you have it! Stay tuned as we’ll update you with more information on vape wires and coils!


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