Medusa’s Ultimate Vaping Guide For Vape Coils & Vape Wires #2

Welcome back to another segment of Medusa’s Ultimate Vaping Guide For Vape Coils & Vape Wires!


This time we’re gonna have a look at everyone FOTM (Flavor Of The Month), which is, you guessed it! The NiChrome Wire!


NiChrome wire is the fan-favorite for wattage vaping, which is composed of nickel and chromium. Unlike the Kanthal wire, NiChrome wire is made for fast ramp-up time. Other than that, it’s pretty much similar to Kanthal wire – easy to work with and holds shape well, albeit it’s slightly less spring than Kanthal.


Do keep in mind that NiChrome wire has a substantially lower melting point than Kanthal. Excessive dry burns on NiChrome wire can cause it to catch fire and it’s definitely not something you would want burning under your nose. To prevent this, you might want to slowly pulse a NiChrome coil at first, as some people might suffer from an allergy reaction from the nickel and should completely avoid using NiChrome wires. YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST!


NiChrome wires is essentially a decent vape wire for experienced vapers as they find it fairly easy to use. However, it’s a bit difficult to find it in local vape shops but most online sellers would have it ready in stock. One thing to take note, while NiChrome can technically be used in temperature control (TC) mode, its Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) is fairly low that even the most advanced chips struggle with it. If you find out that you can TC your NiChrome with a specific mode, do take it with a grain of salt.


Let’s head over and check out the pros and cons for Nichrome in overall;



  • Easy to build
  • Affordable
  • Holds shape albeit less springy than Kanthal
  • Fast ramp-up time



  • Wattage mode only
  • Low Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
  • Lower melting point than Kanthal
  • Hard to find in local vape shops


There you have it! On next segment, we’ll provide you with all the information you need on Nickel Wires!


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