Medusa’s Ultimate Vaping Guide For Vape Coils & Vape Wires #3

We’re back! Did you miss us?


Welcome back to another segment of Medusa’s Ultimate Vaping Guide For Vape Coils & Vape Wires! This time around, we’ve got some pretty good information on, you guessed it, Nickel Wire!


For your information, Nickel Wire, which is also referred to Ni200 (pure nickel), which is the first wire to be used in temperature control. Ni200 has a TCR of 0.006 – makes it fairly easy for most chips to read and regulate on regulated mods. Due to safety reasons, Nickel Wire is the first wire in the list that cannot be used in wattage mode, and should only be used in TC mode due to concerns of overheating and melting.


Based on a research done, at high temperature (above 600°F/ 315°C), Nickel Wire can leach and produce graphite. This is one of the main reason why some vapers are concerned about getting graphite lungs (graphite lungs is a debilitating condition which is seen in people overexposed to graphite – e.g : pencil factory workers)


With that being said, the bad reputation that the nickel wire is getting, is blown out of proportion. Nickel Wire is perfectly safe to use when it’s in TC mode. The biggest downsides are that due to its texture, it’s rather soft, which makes it difficult to hold its shape. One thing to keep in mind is that, some people actually have a nickel allergy (which is a rare case) and can have a reaction to their builds that have Nickel Wire in it. If you see any symptoms like a rash or irritated eyes and throat, chances are you might be allergic to nickel coils. Vapers that have nickel allergy should completely avoid from using it.


On the bright side, Nickel Wire is rather inexpensive and relatively easy to find anywhere in the local store. The ramp-up time is faster than Kanthal. Although Nickel Wire may still be very popular among TC enthusiasts, it might not be worth the hassle.


Let’s do a quick review on the PROS and CONS of nickel wires.



  • Fast ramp-up time
  • Relatively easy to find in local store
  • Affordable price
  • Decent flavor when vaping



  • Might causes allergy
  • Not available in Wattage mode
  • Doesn’t hold shape well
  • Coils can easily deform while wicking


There you have it for this time around!

Stay tuned for more of Medusa’s Ultimate Vaping Guide on Vape Wires & Vape Coils!

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