Medusa’s Ultimate Vaping Guide For Vape Coils & Vape Wires #5

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We hope you had a lovely weekend and we welcome you to another segment of Medusa’s Ultimate Vaping Guide for Vape Coils & Vape Wires!


For our final part of this segment, we’ll talk about Titanium Wire, the most controversial vape wire on the list. People deemed this to be a scary one because of the fact that it release titanium oxide (which is harmful and toxic to our body) when it’s heated over 1130°F / 610°C.


According to a research of titanium oxide in the daily life, titanium oxide can be found in a lot of everyday items like makeup and even some foods. It may or may not be hazardous when inhaled but the evidence doesn’t seem to indicate that any gas form when vaping could cause a considerable problem to our health.


Just like magnesium, if titanium ignites, it’s extremely difficult to extinguish. Some of the local vape store won’t even sell this wire due to liability and safety issues, especially to beginners.


Nonetheless, most vapers that uses these wires report no problems when using them, so the panic that surround people regarding the safety issues is definitely blown out of proportion. Theoretically, if your TC mod is doing its job, you should never have to worry about combustion or titanium dioxide poisoning. This should go without saying, but you definitely do not want and try to burn titanium wire.


Now that we’ve elevated your fears on Titanium Wire, let’s move on to the pros and cons of it. First thing first that you should know is that, titanium wire is very easy to work with since it holds its shape very well and works well in TC mode, and not to mention that Titanium Wire is a lot stronger than Nichrome Wire!


The most noticeable thing about Titanium Wire is that, it produces great flavor, which is great for e-liquid flavor enthusiasts!



  • Works very well with TC mode
  • Holds shape very well
  • Superb flavoring
  • Stronger than Nichrome Wire (Ni200)
  • Easy to build with



  • Concerns regarding toxicity
  • Might catches fire when overheated and difficult to extinguish
  • Difficult to find in local vape stores
  • Doesn’t go well with other mode beside TC


So there you have it, on everything that you need to know regarding Titanium Wire!


And this mark the end of Medusa’s Ultimate Vaping Guide on Vape Coils & Vape Wires!


We’ll have more informative segments for you in the upcoming days, so STAY TUNED!


Until next time, folks!

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