Basic of Vaping – How Much Nicotine is Right for You?

So you’ve found a great e-liquid that seems to fit your flavor profile, and now you have to decide the nicotine level you should vape at.


For new vapers, nicotine levels on e-liquid can be confusing. Most smokers rarely know the nicotine level in cigarettes, but when it comes to vaping, nicotine levels are important. If you’re still having questions such as, “how much nicotine is best for me?”, or “what strength of e-liquid should I use?, then you this entry is made for you!


What is Nicotine?

Before we start, let us give you a brief explanation on what nicotine really is. In general, nicotine is a nitrogen-containing chemical that is naturally occurring in plants of the nightshade family. This plant family includes the tobacco plant, eggplants, potatoes and tomatoes.


Historically, nicotine was first isolated from the tobacco plant by Wilhelm Heinrich Posselt (who is a doctor), and Karl Ludwig Reimann, a chemist, back in 1828. Smokers are often led to believe that nicotine is the sole reason in cigarettes that spur negative side effects, when in reality, there are so many other different chemicals in a cigarette that it’s difficult to pinpoint which each negative side originates.


Is nicotine dangerous? Many studies have shown that smoking cigarettes will likely have a negative outcome on your health. However, it’s currently unproven throughly the nicotine itself from e-liquid will cause cancer. According to WebMD, The CDC says 50-60mg of nicotine is a deadly dose for an aduly who weights about 68kg or 150 pounds. But some research suggests a lethal amount may be a lot higher. However, your body only absorbs a small percentage of nicotine from e-liquid. Also, nicotine is short lived, which means the amount of nicotine within your body declines rather quickly once your vape session has ended.


Choosing the right amount of nicotine for your e-liquid

It isn’t that hard. All it requires is some research and possibly, trial and error. But you can skip that part as we got it covered for you!

Light Smokers (1-10 cigarettes per day)

  • Good starting point would be between 3-6mg (0.3% – 0.6%)

Moderate Smoking (11-25 cigarettes per day)

  • 12mg (1.2%) is the minimum for you to go to

Heavy Smoking (26-40 cigarettes per day)

  • 18mg (1.8%)  is the middle ground, while 24mg (2.4%) could be the perfect level

Very Heavy (40-50+ cigarettes per day)

  • 24mg (2.4%) variety may work for some. But 36mg (3.6%) is considered the perfect level for most
  • However, it’s not uncommon for smokers to hit 50mg (5%) as most salt e-liquid based starts at 50mg


We hope that with this information, it would ease you on finding the right nicotine level for your e-liquid.


Until then, HAPPY VAPING!

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