What Happens To Your Body When You Switch From Smoking To Vaping?

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Now that we’re back, we would like to talk about What Happens To Your Body When You Switch From Smoking To Vaping?


As we all know, there’s a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when you make a switch from smoking to vaping but did you know that the changes can start almost immediately to your body?


Check out the timeline that we’ve made below to find out what actually happens to your body after you stop smoking!


Your body will begin improving 8 hours after you stop smoking. The first noticeable effect is that the amount of oxygen in your blood will return to normal, even if you’re vaping. This is because your body stops taking in carbon monoxide, which is found in tobacco cigarettes but not in e-liquid juice. The greater the amount of oxygen in your blood, the more you will feel better in many ways.

As 24 hours past without smoking, all the residual carbon monoxides in your system will be removed and your lungs will begin to detoxify as they work on removing the toxic debris and mucus that accumulated when you were smoking. This is because you are no longer inhaling toxins from tobacco cigarettes and your body will begin to cleanse itself.

Foods and drinks will become more enjoyable as your sense of taste improved after 48 hours of quitting smoking. Not only that, your sense of smell will become keener, so you will notice more fragrances that you were missing out on while you were still smoking. This is all possible because your body will begin repairing the receptors within your mouth and your nose that was damaged as a result of the toxins in tobacco cigarettes.

Breathing would be easier than it was while you were still smoking because you are no longer being exposed to tar that was clogging your bronchial tubes. As these tubes become relaxed and clearer, your body energy levels would increase and breathing is less difficult.

At this stage, you would notice that coughing, shallow breathing and wheezing in severity would be gone. These changes are due to the fact that your lung function has been able to improve as your body has cleared out all the dangerous debris that had accumulated when you were smoking.

In the long term of 5 years, the risk of you getting a heart attack has been reduced by half. as the toxins that were causing damaged to your heart cells are no longer in your body.

The risk of getting lung cancer will drop by half and the risk of getting a heart attack is reduced to roughly of the same as someone who never smoked.


The longer you steer clear of smoking, the more you will notice the improvement on your health. Your body will thank you by showing all the healthy signs on your body. The big plus is that, the people around you will no longer be exposed to the harmful smoke that you used to produce with tobacco cigarettes!


Quitting smoking may be a tough journey, but NEVER GIVE UP and eventually, you’ll completely put an END to it!



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