Vaping Mistakes – Things People Get Wrong When They Start Vaping : PART 2

Based on the analysis of data from the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the results showed that between 2015 and 2017, an estimated 2,035 e-cigarette explosion and burn injuries presented to the U.S hospitals.


We, by any means, are not trying to scare you off – for those that are new to vaping. But to us, it’s better to be safe than sorry, 


Hi and welcome back to another segment of Vaping Mistakes – Things People Get Wrong When They Start Vaping : PART 2!


To continue from where we left off, here are another 5 MISTAKES that you should avoid when you start vaping;

6. Buying the wrong flavor

Buying the wrong flavor could totally ruin your first impression and experience when vaping as some people could not tolerate certain flavor to their throat and may even have a side effect such as being nauseous after few puffs. It’s important to try a number of flavors to find the perfect one for you. This will ensure that vaping is a satisfying alternative to tobacco cigarettes. As you start exploring the wonderful world of e-liquid flavors, you are less likely to go back to smoking.

7. Getting the right PG/VG ratio

All e-liquid contains propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG)  – colorless liquids that technically belong to alcohol chemical class (despite the name, they are not intoxicating as they are deemed to be sugar alcohols and are included in many consumable products) which are responsible for producing the vapor when you vape. PG gives a better hit on the back of your throat and enhances the flavor better. VG is sweeter, thicker and produces more vapor. For starter, you would want to start with e-liquid that has a higher PG level since it’s easier on the basic coil that is most commonly found in starter devices.

8. Making mistakes when filling up tank

Modernised tanks are easier to fill but it’s best to know and remember that when you’re filling, do not get e-liquid down the centre tube of a tank. Most modern tanks are top-fill and have a hold in the side of the top through which you fill e-liquid. If you’re unsure, check the instruction manual that comes with the tank.

9. Keeping your devices ON in the pocket

Too often there are cases where vape devices exploded in someone’s pocket, simply because they forgot to turn their devices off or locked it before doing so. Although it doesn’t happen often with modern devices, it’s still well worth turning off your device before putting it in the pocket, for safety reasons when you’re not using it. Best thing to do is to get a vape bag that holds your devices securely.

10. Using the wrong device and tank together

This isn’t always a major mistake, as there are a lot of combinations that could work together. For example, a hybrid mechanical mod need a 510 pin to makes direct contact with the battery for it to work. Most tanks don’t have a very protruding 510 pin and mechanical mod doesn’t come with a fail safes. It’s best to stick to regulated mod unless you have the knowledge and guidance to work with unregulated mod, such as a hybrid mechanical mod.


When it comes to vaping, safety always comes first and always remember to  mind your surrounding before vaping!


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Until next time, folks!

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