Vaping Mistakes – Things People Get Wrong When They Start Vaping : PART 3

Hi there and welcome to the final part of Vaping Mistakes – Things People Get Wrong When They Start Vaping : PART 3!


We’re down to the last 5 things that people get wrong when they start vaping.


Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

11. Not drinking enough water

For those of you that doesn’t know, most e-liquids contain propylene glycol, a substance that can lead you to feeling dehydrated. Drinking plenty of plain water is the simplest yet effective solution to this.

12. Mixing a different kind of flavors

So you’ve been vaping a menthol flavor e-liquid and want to try a new flavor. You top up your tank with a custard cream, ad get some perversion of custard and menthol. Big NO NO! But sometimes you can get away mixing some flavors such as menthol and fruit but other flavors just don’t mix that well. Either clean the tank out before putting in a different kind of flavor or utilise a separate tank for that purpose.

13. Letting batteries run out

You’re dying for that nicotine hit but you’re out of juice on your batteries. Least you’d want to do is go for a cigarette. If you’re travelling a lot, its’ worth carrying a power bank and extra batteries to prevent this. Remember not to overcharge the batteries!

14. Running out of e-liquid pods or cartridges

If you’re a big fan of nicotine salt e-liquid, make sure to have enough supplies to last you, especially if you’re gonna be on a long trip. It’s best to get them online if you have a busy schedule to prevent you from getting back to cigarettes just because you ran out of e-liquid pods and cartridges.

15. Not understanding vape etiquette

Most of it are pretty basic and most newcomers in vaping are still unaware that there is such a thing as vape etiquette! For example, don’t blow vapour in people’s face as that is considered very rude and intruding of someone’s space.


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